Great South Run, Portsmouth - Oct '08

10 miles isn't far for some but for two of the most un-athletic people you are likely to meet, it was a challenge!

Having completed the race course in under 2 hours, we are proud of what we achieved but most of all we feel privileged to have known Char, someone who in life and in death inspires her family and friends to push the boundaries.

It was poignant for us to cross the finishing line in a city where we had so many memories of Char - silly memories really - cinema trips with boyfriends in our early teenage years, tacky night clubs, catching the ferry over to the Isle of Wight or girlie shopping trips!

We did the race for Char and she definitely kept us going at the most difficult points. We hope that we can all continue to take on new and exciting challenges just like Char did. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us and cheered us on in the pouring rain - together we have raised over £1,000 for Char's Fund!

Vicki Jones