Becky & Sarah Skydive for Char!

On Saturday April 18th, after nervously hanging around for most of the day because of the fog, Becky, Sarah and Clare successfully completed their sponsored skydiving jump and in the process raised a magnificent £530 for the charity.
This is what Clare had to say about her adventure: "I had a great time doing my skydive and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I'm really pleased that I managed to raise some money for a really worthwhile cause". 

And Becky added: "I was very nervous in the morning but after the training we were pumped up and couldn't wait to throw ourselves out of a plane! It was an awesome experience and something that everyone should do! It was quite scary looking out of the door of the plane at 10,000ft and the free fall at 120mph was such an amazing rush and then I got to steer the parachute. I was shaking with adrenaline afterwards. If it's something you'd want to do, then you have to do it!.....We'll definitely be doing it again, soon!

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Vicki Jones